Web Hosting is the platform that your website sits on so the rest of the world can see it. I can organise your web hosting with an external web hosting company. There is a recurring annual fee for your web hosting which I will pay to your web hosting company. If your web hosting expires and you do not pay the renewal fee - your website will no longer be live.


Your website needs an address so users can find your website. This is called  "domain name". I can register your domain name - in your own name or business name. Again this can be renewed annually or you can register your domain name for a number of consecutive years in advance. If your domain registration expires you could be in danger of losing your domain name. Add-ons such as "Domain Privacy" and Domain Protection can also be bought. I will be happy to discuss your options.

Email Address

To give an air of professionalism it is wise to use an email address using your website domain name. This involves an additional cost. I can also organise and set this up for you. My preferred is Outlook Express.  If you are launching a hobby website or at first you do not envisage many users to your website, it may be more financially viable to use a free email provider such as gmail or yahoo. I am happy to discuss options with you.


the Next Step for you...

If you need a website building or want to learn how to use WordPress please get in touch using the contact form. I rarely take phone calls in the first instance as I am busy building websites or training. I will get in touch within 24 hours of you first making contact.